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Omron Encoder

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Omron Incremental Encoder 600 ppr 6000rpm Radial, Thrust 5 → 24 V dc

General Purpose Incremental Encoders

Incremental Encoders output a pulse string according to the rotational displacement of an axis. The number of rotations can be detected by counting the number of pulses. Improved reliability with reverse connection and load short circuit

Moment of inertia: 1´10−6 kg·mmax.; 3 ´ 10−7 kg·m2 max. at 600 P/R max
External diameter E6A2: 25 mm
External diameter E6B2: 40 mm
External diameter E6C2: 50 mm
External diameter E6C3: 50 mm
External diameter E6FA: 60 mm

Omron Incremental Rotary Encoders