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Danfoss – VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202

Maximum energy efficiency for water and wastewater applications

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Supply voltages and power range

1 x 200-240 V…1.1-22 kW
1 x 380-480 V…7.5-37 kW
3 x 200-240 V…0.25-45 kW
3 x 380-480 V…0.37 kW – 1 MW
3 x 525-600 V…0.75-90 kW
3 x 525-690 V…1.1 kW – 1.4 MW

Low harmonic drive

3 x 380-480 V…132-710 kW

12-pulse drive

3 x 380-500…250-1000 kW
3 x 525-690…250-1400 kW

Features and benefits

  • Assets are protected thanks to specially designed software that prevents, for example, water hammering
  • Energy efficiency is maximized as a result of the drives control algorithms and design which focus on reducing heat loss
  • High energy savings related to air conditioning are ensured due to the unique back-channel-cooling concept that transfers 90% of heat away from the room
  • Electromagnetic interference and harmonic distortion are reduced thanks to the built-in, scalable RFI filter and integrated DC link chokes
  • Perfect system integration and adaptation to the application are possible due to freely programmable warnings and alerts
  • 3–8% energy savings are achieved as a result of Automatic Energy Optimization


Centrifugal pumps and blowers, positive displacement blowers.